Friday, July 18, 2014

Bob Brill, author

Well it is official. We are now on the Peregrine Book Company website so we are really, really locked in for the book signing in Prescott, AZ on August 13th (Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00 in the evening).

The folks at Peregrine do a really nice job and you can check out the home page, and then link to both my page, which will also link you to my website. where all my books reside and can be purchased. It is a really cool set up by the folks in Prescott.

Did you also know that Prescott is the home of Bucky O'Neill, one of the most famous of the Rough Riders in the War with Spain in the late 1890's. O'Neill, who is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, was the mayor and gun slinging sheriff of Prescott before taking off and joining Teddy Roosevelt. He was also a newspaper reporter who hung out with Wyatt Earp (one of the characters in Lancer: Hero of the West).

There are tremendous stories about his heroics and the charge up San Juan Hill. He would famously meet his maker at the battle of Kettle Hill, but Prescott will never forget one of it's favorite sons. And neither should we.

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone who comes out to the book signing in August at Peregrine Book Store. Hope you'll pick up a copy either on-line or at your favorite book store where you can order "Lancer; Hero of the West; The Prescott Affair." If you purchase on Amazon, please leave a review. It is important and as always thank you very much.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another Review
by Bob Brill (author)

I am, as I stated previously, always excited to read a good review, especially from a "reader." I could not help but post this one from a reader who happens also to be a listener to KNX where I work as a news anchor/reporter.

Bob Brill, a local broadcast journalist on KNX Radio in Los Angeles has written a new book in the style of the old western dime novels I read when I was growing up so many years ago. Because so many years have passed, the dime novel is now ten bucks but well worth it. Set in Prescott, AZ during the 1880s the book is alive with fictional and non-fictional characters.  The Earp brothers, Doc Holiday and others come to life once again. Lancer, a hired gun from Tombstone solves a mystery with twist and turns to keep you turning the pages in a non-stop read. I so thoroughly  enjoyed reading it.  

Thanx again!

Looking forward to seeing anyone who is in Arizona on August 13th when I will be talking and signing "Lancer; Hero of the West - The Prescott Affair." We'll be at the Peregrine Book Store on Cortez in Prescott. See you there!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Lancer Review

By Bob Brill, author

I'm always excited to share a book review from a reader and here is the latest. This is from a reader in the United Kingdom.

"At long last an author has written a cowboy book the way that I remember the stories of the west being told/read to me when I was young. It also brought back memories of Saturday morning cinema visits where I first experienced the 'wild west'. A great, quick read, ideal holiday/weekend book. Really liked the start where Lancer is linked with real life cowboys, the Earp brothers and Johnny Ringo (outlaw member of The Cowboys of Cochise County) and hopefully the author continues and expands this feature in the next Lancer adventure, The Los Angeles Affair. Loved it from start to finish, buy it, you won't regret it partner."

Thank you so much and the Los Angeles Affair is being written as we speak. It won't arrive by end of Summer but I'm shooting for the Fall sometime.

Hope you can join me at the Peregrine Book Company on August 13, 2014 in Prescott, AZ. I'll be there from 5:30 to 7:00.