Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Lancer; Hero of the West - The New Orleans Affair "LIVE"

Well, it's finally here....
Lancer's latest adventure is a reality; "Lancer; Hero of the West - the New Orleans Affair." Follow, the good guy gunslinger from Tombstone at the end of the Wyatt Earp Preliminary Hearing, along the trail to the intrigue of New Orleans. The Gunfight at the OK Corral was just a month before the episode begins and Lancer hangs out with Wyatt and his brothers hoping for the best from the local judge.

While there, Lancer gets a telegram from New Orleans; Come quick an old friend needs your help. The man in black is off to the Crescent City and a new adventure. Along the way he falls into scrapes with real life legendary people and of course a love interest.

See who they are, read about them now; either paperback or Kindle. Order online from the author,(copies of the paperback on MY website, won't be available for about a week) or from your favorite book store. If you are ordering a digital copy, Amazon is where you will find it.

Some people are saying this is the "best Lancer yet!" International complications, a love interest, a voodoo priestess and a spy or two mix in with the US Military and a revolt in Mexico. You will also learn more about the man, revealed in "Lancer; Hero of the West - The New Orleans Affair."

Join me and a lot of other really great western authors at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival April 13-14 in Santa Clarita at Hart Park in the Buckaroo Bookstore. Admission to the festival this year is FREE! C'mon out pardner, meet the cowboys, the authors, learn about the west and spend some money, buy a book (we'll sign them for free) too - The Peach Cobbler and ice cream with cowboy coffee is just waiting to be the most mouth watering grub to ever cross your lips.