Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Transition to Lancer: Book Two

By Bob Brill
"Lancer: Hero of the West; The Prescott Affair"

Readers are really loving the first book in the Lancer; Hero of the West series, which is exciting to this author. Since I'm hard at work writing the second in the series; The Los Angeles Affair it is interesting to note the research going into it.

Having grown up in Los Angeles is a real bonus. I spent some memorable times in Prescott, Arizona, as well, which helped me make the placement of the novel an easy transition. I've always been told to "write what you know." Prescott was an easy going town to know and learn. Los Angeles is quite different.

The L-A of the 1880's was a pretty wild place. It was learning to find itself, it's own identity. The days of the Rancho's were over, but there was still the heritage. It's something I do explore in the second book. Water has always been the real gold of Southern California and today we see that more than ever as we live through a prolonged drought. Today we have modern fire fighting equipment, in 1880 it was horse drawn fire wagons and volunteers for the most part. Water plays a part.

The San Fernando Valley was fertile but Hollywood didn't exist. And foreign powers? Wouldn't they love to gain a stronghold in what would later become the Golden State. All things to think about as you wonder where Lancer will end up in the upcoming book, "The Los Angeles Affair." Stay tuned.