Wednesday, February 26, 2014


by Bob Brill
Author, Lancer; Hero of the West

Even the best editors miss things and in my final look see, make sure everything is correct write through I actually found a couple of things my editor missed. And she is good!

It so happens that one of the problems with publishing and especially in today's world of self publishing, it is impossible to catch every mistake. In the days before the Internet and it was in those days "self publishing" was frowned upon (often called vanity publishing), few mistakes made it to final print.

The reason is there were people employed as proof readers, the line below editors. They didn't make a great deal of money but they made enough money for them to lose their jobs when times got tough. When publishing started to fall away so did the jobs and the people holding those jobs were proof readers.

So even though an author writes, rewrites and rewrites again and another person's eyes go through it several times, mistakes will be made. It is inevitable. So we'll do our best but in the end I'm sure when you read "Lancer; Hero of the West, The Prescott Affair" you may find something we missed. I just hope you enjoy it and my goal is for you to ask yourself when you finish reading it; "I just spent $x on this book. Was I disappointed or was it money well spent?" If the answer is you got your money's worth I will be happy and excited.

Monday, February 24, 2014

SUB Title!

by Bob Brill
Author "Lancer; Hero of the West"

Yup I've finally decided on a sub title for the first book in the series. I've toyed with many from the days I first sat down to write Lancer; Hero of the West and now the choice is clear. The first story takes place in Prescott, Arizona. Lancer's base of operations is Tombstone, Arizona which is on the opposite end of the state.

The sub title will be "The Prescott Affair." There were other choices but I think going forward, and unless I change my mind or readers change it for me, each sub title will be "The (something) Affair." It seems to make sense. I think it gives the novels and the main character a sort of legal standing while he is not at all a law enforcement officer. He could be but he likes his independence.

Working on the cover art is the last chore part of the process except for one read through to catch any editing problems. My editor finished doing the bulk of the work already and she did a wonderful job. Now it's up to me, the author to make that final write through.

The cover will feature a black leather western holster which would hold a six gun. Finding one I could photograph myself the way I want it done is becoming difficult. There are other options I'm looking into but if anyone has a black, smooth leather holster in the style popular in the 1880's, I would appreciate having a look to see if it might be what I am looking for. You can email me at

Thanx again and you will be able to order the book when it comes out at or directly from me. Kindle versions will be available on Amazon.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Who is Lancer, Hero of the West?

by Bob Brill
Author: "Lancer; Hero of the West" book series.

In my first blog about my new book, Lancer Hero of the West, which is due out in a few weeks, I told you briefly a little about why I started this new book series about a Western Hero named Lancer. I gave you a little info as to who he is and today I want to give you a little bit more.

He's based in Tombstone, Arizona but travels to wherever the job takes him. You may wonder why Tombstone? Tombstone was a boom town and offers the character some interaction with some of the biggest names of the day. And also names which ring passion in my heart for the old west. Wyatt Earp and his brothers were there as was Doc Holiday and the bad guys known as The Cowboys.

Since this is fiction I am able to mix good storytelling with real names. Details about those real people are sketchy at best and glorified at worst. All this makes for a good mix of history (my passion) and storytelling hopefully at its best.

Lancer is a gunslinger but certainly a good guy. He's respectful of women and children, is educated, doesn't need the money and has traveled the world. He was an officer during the war between the states and came from a well to do family. 

He has detective skills, is quick and deadly with his gun when he needs to be and has a sweet tooth. He has a passion for Turkish Delight as do I. His reputation is impeccable and while he's sort of an anti-hero he is skilled in many ways. He is also well read and not afraid to tangle with the law if the law isn't doing it's job.

Anymore and I'd be remiss in my storytelling as an author. You have the basics and I hope you are intrigued enough to want to read Lancer Hero of the West. We are currently working on the cover art (more on that in my next blog) and as soon as that is complete the first Lancer book will be a reality and ready for you to read hopefully with the same passion I wrote it.

For more on my books go to Bob Brill Books. You can always email me at, and you can find me on Facebook at Bob Brill and Twitter at @bobbrillla (which stands for Bob Brill Los Angeles). Spread the word; Lancer is coming!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lancer is coming soon!

by Bob Brill

My father was a huge fan of Zane Grey and when he was a kid, or so he told me, he read everything the great western author wrote. When a new western movie or a John Wayne flick of any kind came out, I knew dad would haul me to the local movie theater. I grew to love the genre. I always thought about writing a western novel but figured it was a daunting task. Instead I chose to write other novels and screenplays.

Now that I've completed 10 screenplays, two novels and one non-fiction book I finally decided to tackle the western. After much thought, research and looking inside myself as to what I really wanted to do, "Lancer; Hero of the West" was born.

The first book in the series still has a working sub-title so I'll hold off on revealing it to you at this point. I will share with you some of the details of the Lancer character but not many. I really do hope you want to read it and will purchase it either via download Kindle or from an Amazon bookseller or from me via 

The books will average about 100 pages without illustrations. In fact, there really isn't a description of Lancer in the pages you will read. I've always chosen to not detail my characters too much. I prefer to allow the reader to build the character's looks themselves. I will build the character, you see him as you want to see him through your own eyes.

The Lancer books take place in the 1880's and tomorrow I will give you more details about the character and his traits. I will post here almost daily to give you an inkling about the book, the character and the progress. You can follow via this blog; Lancer Hero of the West.

The first book is finished and we are in the process of building the cover. I've already outlined the second book and the last page of the first book will tell you where the Lancer character will take his next job. I will probably release the first book within two weeks. Stay tuned for more and you can find my other books at