Tuesday, August 11, 2015


We have tentatively locked in our first book signing for "Lancer; Hero of the West - The Los Angeles Affair." It will be at the "Open Book" in the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks from 2pm-4pm, on Saturday, September 26th, 2015. And yes we will bring Turkish Delight for you to sample!

For those of you who read the first book you know Lancer has a sweet tooth and his favorite delicacy is the well known treat; Turkish Delight. If you have never had this tasty treat you are in for a special tasting. We always bring it to our Lancer signings and it was a big hit in Prescott, Arizona when we were there.

So mark your calenders for the 26th of September and plan to be there with us. Books will be sold on site or you can purchase in advance via our website and bring your copy with you. We'll have a little time to talk before hand about Lancer, and you can also ask questions about other topics if you like. Some of you know I've been a reporter for over 40 years and have covered many great stories of the past four decades. I'm more than willing to answer questions about radio so come out, buy a book, have some fun and taste some Turkish Delight.

We plan on having a fun time even if you just come for a visit. The Open Book is located on the second level in the Oaks Mall, exit Lynn Road in Thousand Oaks.

We'll be sending out flyers and emails as well. So join us and make a date of it.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lancer "Los Angeles Affair" is LIVE!!!!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally time to say "We are Live!" A tail of international intrigue in the old west as Lancer lands right in the middle of a multi-cultural and multi-national conspiracy.

"Lancer; Hero of the West - The Los Angeles Affair" is now live on Amazon and if you want to order a paperback copy directly from me we are taking orders on my site. We should have them ready to ship by next week.

The digital price is $2.99 if you prefer Kindle or other means (such as your computer, tablet, phone or laptop) and 10.99 plus $4.00 S&H for a paperback version, direct from my website. We had to start charging for S&H and what we are charging is pretty much exactly what it costs us with an envelope so we are making NO money on the S&H. I make very little on each book. Publishing is not what it used to be but writers still write and hope someday for the best seller or a movie or TV deal to come along. I hope you really like the writing and the story.

I want to thank my daughter Julia of course for the hard work on the cover and design, my editors Roselle and Wendy for their time and due diligence and of course my publisher, Troy Smith of "Western Trail Blazer" on Facebook,  You can also access the company site. Even publishers don't make much these days so hopefully we'll sell lots of books.

You can order it via your local book store but if you don't mind getting it in the mail please order from me directly. The difference is quite substantial in what the author gets paid and I throw in a free book marker. It's nothing much but it keeps you from bending over the corners of the page. And if you like it autographed (it won't offend me if you don't) please send me an email or mention in your order and follow up with an email (to make sure I get it). No charge. Send the request to brillpro@prodigy.net.

The song is in the video-editing stage and we're working to have it out soon. We'll make a big announcement when we do because it really is a big deal. And we are working now to set up a book signing in Thousand Oaks. Stay tuned.

And Thank YOU so much for waiting. We had lots of emails asking "when?" and now we can say "NOW."

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