Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lancer Music Video on YouTube

We finally have it "live" on YouTube, the Lancer; Hero of the West' music video.

Written by Academy Award winning songwriter (twice) Al Kasha and Tony & Grammy winning producer/artist/songwriter Ron Dante, you can find it by clicking here...

I'd really like you to check it out and "SHARE" it with all your social media friends. If we get a million hits Ron and Al actually get some money from this project. LOL. These guys are true friends.

At any rate check out the video, check out the books either on Amazon or at my site

You can also see Ron and Al's stuff at their sites and

Both the song and the latest Lancer novel "The Los Angeles Affair" are both entered into the Western Writers of America best of contests.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Short Film Honored by Best Of L-A

It's been weeks since we updated the blog but with the holidays and lots going on we feel we really should update you on what's been happening.

ON the Lancer; Hero of the West front, we're entered into two contests run by the Western Writers of America. Our song, written by Al Kasha and Ron Dante, is competing for Best Western Song. The latest novel in the Lancer series is competing for Best Western Traditional Novel. Results to be announced early next year.

The big news is our first Short Film has been honored by Best of LA as the Best Creative Short Film. This is really an honor and we're humbled to be singled out, especially since this is our first film.

Links to all of this below. The Short film, "Radio Play; An Homage to Old Thyme Radio," is on YouTube now and runs 31 minutes. Please view it if you have not already. It's a comedy mixing Film Noir, old time radio and a little Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's a detective comedy and is probably the most unique bit of film making you will ever see. And you can hear some of your favorite Los Angeles based radio personalities in Radio Play.

Here are the links:

Radio Play:
Best of LA:
Lancer Hero of the West Music Video:

Happy Holidays and may the new year bring us all a lot of very good and powerful accomplishments and great success!

Bob Brill

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Western Movie Shorts YouTube

It's been some time since I've written a blog but something came up which tickled my fancy actually. There is a group of kids, brothers and friends (Jacob Rhoda) the chief among them. They are making and producing western movie shorts for YouTube and producing some very nice stuff. Stuff Lancer; Hero of the West would be proud of.

I watched one of them called the Barn Fight, which is about five minutes long and very well done. You an watch it here. If you forgive the fact people get shot and there is no blood and the guns shots are interestingly added and sometimes a bit off, these are very entertaining and should be applauded.

It's nice to see a teenager, or a group of teens interested in westerns. There may be a return to yesteryear as the Lone Ranger would say, at some point. That means good things for western writers like me. As an added note; I did not do a cyber anything for the holidays but books are available and if you want to give a really good and inexpensive gift to someone, purchase a copy of one of my books at Amazon or go to