Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time to Read

by Bob Brill, author "Lancer; Hero of the West"

You can now purchase the Kindle version of the first novel in the Lancer Series "The Prescott Affair." You can purchase it for 2.99 by clicking here.

The paperback version should be available next week. As soon as we determine a price we will post it as well. Please tell your friends; Lancer is "Alive!!!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

by Bob Brill


Well it is finally "live" as we published the Kindle Version of "Lancer; Hero of the West-The Prescott Affair" just today. You can get a preview and purchase the download to Kindle or your computer by going here. For those of you who prefer to cut and paste this is the site:

I've dedicated the book to several people and it is up front so when you look at the preview you will see that first but you get right into the book in a page. For those of you awaiting the paperback physical version they should be available next week for purchase. I still don't have a price yet but it will be inexpensive. I will have books to sell and ship very shortly.

The download price if you choose to go there on Amazon is $2.99. It is the lowest price I can make it for a download and still be true to myself financially. Hey, we all like to get paid something don't we? LOL!!

I hope you enjoy this first in the series of Lancer; Hero of the West novels. They are a throwback to the Dime Novel era of the 19th century and I would like you to look at them in that fashion. Read it on a plane flight, a weekend at the lake or just on your lunch hour or even relaxing in bed. Enjoy. There will be more. I'm currently writing the second book which should be ready by the end of April.

Thanx again and happy trails!
Bob Brill

Monday, March 10, 2014

by Bob Brill
author "Lancer; Hero of the West"


We have been looking forward to giving you a preview of the Lancer; Hero of the West book series due for release in the next week or so. I decided to show off the cover which was designed by my daughter Julia, whom I must say is one of the best graphic artists I've ever met. We'll share more later but I did want to share the cover with you.

I think you will find this attractive and I hope you will find the story inside as well written as the cover is designed. Look forward to its release coming soon. In the meantime you can see or purchase my other books at or download on by searching for the titles.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bob Brill
Author: Lancer; Hero of the West
"Why Tombstone?"

The question is why did I place my character Lancer in Tombstone, Arizona and why did I choose this location as his base of operations? Pretty simple really. Ease and familiarity as well as my own passion for the Tombstone story.

Being based in Tombstone during it's boom years of the early 1880's allows Lancer to live a fast and upscale life. It also allows him to mix with some of the legendary characters of the day and to mingle with a group of famous as well as infamous western players. Wyatt Earp and his brothers as well as Doc Holiday, Curly Bill, Johnny Ringo and in a later novel the nefarious Ike Clanton. Clanton will make his debut in the second novel but won't show up in Tombstone until the third novel. Yes, I am that far ahead in my planning.

The story of Tombstone as well as the O.K. Corral is the stuff of legend mixed with fact. Lancer is just that kind of hero allowing me to embellish into good story telling. After all story telling is what it is all about and I hope through the pages of these extended mini-novels, the reader will get a better feel for the time and do more and more researching of history. I can assure you the gunfight at the O.K., is not in the Lancer mix. At least not at this time or the future that I can imagine.

History is my passion. I hope everyone takes this one lesson to heart; Be a student of history, not a victim of it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cover Story

by Bob Brill
author: Lancer; Hero of the West

Creating a cover for a book can be a daunting experience. Once I created a cover and wanted flames coming through a map. I spent hours figuring it out and with the help of my wife came up with the perfect scenario. We used lighter fluid and a map and with two cameras for different angles set it on fire from underneath. Two maps later we got the perfect shot.

For Lancer I wanted an empty holster with his "crossed lances" insignia. After searching and searching stock photos for a western holster (no gun store in my area had one to photograph) I finally found someone on-line at a gun shop who had the perfect photo. We made a deal and I had my picture. The lances were another story. I did find the right shot at an on-line photo bank and had to pay a minimal fee. The background I will shoot myself.

Now it's a matter of overlaying the three photos to the right position. The proper wording and text will come when I put the photo elements together with the right positioning. Not my most favorite thing in the world to do. Writers usually are not the folks who create their own covers but in today's publishing world you have to be a jack of all trades sometimes.

Stay tuned it will be available shortly. I'll put it on here about the same time if not sooner. We are less than two weeks away from publishing the book and getting it into your hands. Thanx a bunch!