Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Lancer Book and Cowboy Festival Coming Soon

I have finished the latest adventure in the "Lancer; Hero of the West" Series of western novels with the El Paso Affair. This adventure takes our hero to the West Texas City of El Paso about the time of the Gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone.

With a dedication to western balladeer, Marty Robbins, the new Lancer book goes back to a time when Marshall Dallas Stoudenmire patrolled the streets of El Paso. While we actually draw leather and insights with real life legendary characters, as in the past, the story is purely fictional.

Lancer meets some usual and unusual people along the way and there is plenty of gun play for those who love the western shootout, despite the fact Lancer is a non-violent man. If you know Lancer, you know it's "wits first, brawn second and guns only as a last and deadly resort."

It should be released sometime in March just in time for the April 21-22 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival in Southern California. The festival is held each year in Newhall on the grounds of the William S. Hart Park and Museum. If you've never been you can visit the museum for free all year round and it's a fabulous little tour.

The festival will feature lots of western food, gear for sale, folks roaming around in costume, exhibitions and of course music and books. Films and lectures are also a part of the event and there is free parking off site with a shuttle every 15 minutes which is also free.

Check out the festival on-line now and get your tickets. My good friends Al Bringas and Eric Heisner will also be at the booth selling their books and other western items. Al illustrates and Eric writes western books, and they act as well. I will also have DVD copies of my modern day western short for sale; The Girl From Sweden, for $5. It's an enjoyable dramatic film with great music and lots of action with horses to boot. Currently it's entered into festivals. We are currently working on a feature length script for the film project.

Hope to see you there and look for "Lancer; Hero of the West - The El Paso Affair" shortly. The previous Lancer; Hero of the West books are "the Prescott Affair," "the Los Angeles Affair," and the "Santa Fe Affair."

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