Monday, May 7, 2018

YOU Write the Next Lancer; Hero of the West Book

Wow! Okay! Check this out. I have decided to let readers/listeners have input into the next Lancer; Hero of the West saga.

I begin writing the next Lancer book, "The New Orleans Affair" in January. This will be the fifth installment in the western series, "Lancer; Hero of the West." Between now and then, I'm offering listeners and readers the opportunity to help me write the next adventure. You heard Correctly!

I am seeking your input on story lines, characters Lancer will meet along the way, the basic plot lines, twists and turns, what to reveal about Lancer's past or anything else you want to see in the next book. I'll take that input and see if it works and if it does it will be incorporated into the story. It may not work, but it may be good enough or interesting enough to change the story line overall and get entered into the saga.
  (The books;The Prescott Affair, The Los Angeles Affair, The Santa Fe Affair, El Paso Affair.) 

You should know the story itself takes place in New Orleans (or the surrounding area) and Lancer will begin the story in his home base of Tombstone, Arizona. Lancer usually mixes with legendary characters of the day and there are certain things which happen along the way which pretty much take their course in every Lancer book. Don't let that dismay you however, feel free to open your mind about Lancer. If it's too far off the beaten path I still may like it enough to use it.

At the bottom of this blog I'll give you an email to send your comments or suggestions. You can also make suggestions on the Lancer FaceBook page but I will tell you up front, taking the time to send me an email with your comments will carry more weight than the FB page.

I think you should be aware of one thing however and that is the fact Lancer; Hero of the West is the tale of a good guy gunslinger for hire. As such, he has certain qualities. And the best way to learn about those qualities is by reading the first four Lancer; Hero of the West novels. Now before you see this as a shameless plug to get you to buy more books you should know, YES, it is a shameless plug to get you to buy more books. Now, if you've already read the books, you are ahead of the game.

However, the book series is successful and to continue to make it a success there are certain characteristics which fall into place. So you should read some if not all of the books to get that feeling of who Lancer really is.

I'm going to offer you this special deal if you want to purchase all the books. The books sell for $13.99 plus $4 shipping. That would translate to roughly $72 if you bought them individually. If you want all four books just send me that request in an email and I will work it out so you can buy all four for $60 shipping included. Books are heavy and packaging and shipping four will cost just about $10. You can also buy the books or download them on Amazon. If you only need to pick up one or two books from my website, let me know and I will make them available for the special price.
                                                      (Bob and cover illustrator, Julia C.)

So get on board and help me write the next Lancer; Hero of the West -- the New Orleans Affair, right away. If I use your suggestions I will give you credit in the back of the book. You won't get paid for that but you can tell your friends your name is in a new book!

Thank you to all of our readers and our new listeners who can join us on a writers internet radio show which I've been asked to co-host. The Writers Block appears on LA Talk Radio and I'll be co-hosting with Jim Christina who has had the show for years and who also hosts the Buckaroo Book Store at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.

The email to submit your book suggestions is Please put "Lancer" in the description line so I don't delete it or it doesn't go to my spam. I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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