Friday, February 24, 2017


As the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival nears in late April and I'm working on two projects including the next Lancer book "The Santa Fe Affair" I am getting excited about the 2017 Major League Baseball season. In hoping to see my Pittsburgh Pirates go to the World Series it's back to trivia time.

My hope is to put a new baseball trivia question up each day on Twitter and Facebook with the answer provided here. No points, not prizes but just a lot of fun. Come back daily for a new answer to the posted question. Thanx for joining me and have fun...

Trivia question #1

When Bill Mazeroski hit his 9th inning home run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series to beat the Yankees, what was the pitch count?

a. 3-2
b. 3-0
c. 1-0
d. 2-2

The answer: 1-0. The first pitch from Ralph Terry was a ball, The second pitch was a belt high fastball which Maz hammered over the head of Yogi Berra in left and over the score board at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Things Happening!

To say there are lots of new things happening in the world of Lancer, Bob Brill and in general would be an understatement. I won't even broach the political realm. But here goes. I really need to get an agent! As many of you know my former literary agent, Michael Hamilburg, passed away a year ago. He was a really tremendous man and a great help. I miss him. Since then I have not been able to land an agent for film scripts or books.

The new book "Tales of My Baseball Youth; a child of the 60's" is selling pretty well. The first "Lancer; Hero of the West; The Prescott Affair" continues to sell well, although sales of the second book "The Los Angeles Affair" are much slower.
 Ron Dante and I (he of "Sugar, Sugar" fame) have recently started a podcast. We have not aired it yet as we want to get at least five shows in the can so to speak before we put them up. Mainly singer/songwriters and real musicians although we will have other guests over time as well. The first two interviews we have done are Stephen Bishop and Melissa Manchester and did we ever have fun. The podcast is all about the latter; having fun. We will let you know when it airs and where, which will most likely take place in March.

Of course Ron co-wrote the theme song "Lancer; Hero of the West" with two time Oscar winner Al Kasha and Ron who has two Tony's and two Grammy's to his credit, sang the song. We produced the music video which is now on YouTube. Check the link.

I am shooting a new short film this week Details upcoming.

There is also growing interest in some of my scripts. I could very likely even get one or two of the less expensive films made if an investor willing to full fund them. I've been told by insiders several could be made for under $250k each and they are among the best of the 17 scripts I've written. So if anyone out there has an extra quarter of a million dollars laying around they need to find a place for (and are willing to take a risk) let me know. It is probably too much to ask for a crowdfunding venture though.

I am in the process of trying to finish Lancer Hero of the West; The Santa Fe Affair, before the Cowboy Festival in Santa Clarita in April. I want to have it available for the event.

I'm also in the process of writing a couple more scripts and hoping to finish a TV script for the holidays which I'd like to offer to Lifetime for next season. It's kind of a fun idea. I also have an idea for a play I'd like to write. It's pretty far down the list since I've never tackled a play before but I'm looking forward to doing it.

All the while KNX remains my main employer, every weekend morning and sometimes during the week. For now, stay tuned and stay well.  And keep your fingers crossed I get an agent. Of course all my books can be purchased at

Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Newest Book is "Live" Right Now!


I am working on "Lancer; Hero of the West; The Santa Fe Affair," we decided in the interim to write a memoir. "Tales of My Baseball Youth; a child of the 60's" is a book filled with 15 chapters of stories about relationships and growing up in the turbulent 1960's. The common theme is "baseball."

I hope you enjoy the book which is available now on Amazon for both Kindle and Paperback version. Soon it will be available on my web site Bob Brill Books. As soon as I get my own copies of the paperback I will begin selling them on my own site as well.

I dedicated it to my best friend Marty Aproian, with whom I spent many a morning, afternoon, evening and an occasional late night/early morning playing baseball in one form or another. Whether it was Whiffle Ball, over the line, organized baseball or Strat-O-Matic Baseball, we did it all for hours upon hours. And we still remained best friends.

Coaches, players, friends, not so friends, teachers, parents and well, you name it, it's in there. And that doesn't count the stuff I forgot or was reminded of after I published, which I could have put in the book. Is a sequel planned? If this sells, yes, Tales will extend to the 70's, disco ball and all. For now, let's keep it in the 1960's.

Please pick up a copy, review it if you buy on Amazon, and spread the word on your social media accounts. I will be grateful. It's a fun read and you may even be in there somewhere. Or not. Either way I know at least one thing; if you grew up then, you will relate.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest. Please spread the word and share. It is appreciated.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Lancer the TV Pilot

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Yes, I have finally given into my hearts desire (and the urging of others/fans) to go ahead and write a TV Pilot script for Lancer; Hero of the West. In fact, I've written half of the one hour drama draft.

While I'm slowly working on the third novel in the Lancer; Hero of the West series (The Santa Fe Affair), which itself will have some interesting new twists, mainly on the social level, the pilot will go in a new direction. There isn't much I can say about where I'm going with this for now for a lot of reasons, but to say Lancer fans will enjoy the new take I think will be an understatement. Lancer will remain Lancer.

The question of TV westerns is a big one. As you can see they are few and far between and those which have been on TV lately (AMC's Hell on Wheels for instance and HBO's Deadwood) are quite different than what we've been accustomed to. They are not, obviously, the John Wayne style westerns we grew up with. Nor are they the television westerns of the 1950's and 60's.

Since Lancer; Hero of the West is based on a compilation of the latter and my own inspiration, it is difficult to see through the trees as television executives have not been really open to characters of that ilk. The good news is however, is that everything goes in cycles. Is it time for a return to the 50's and 60's? Is the Quentin Tarantino western (Django Unchained and Hateful Eight) the new normal for the old west? Tough questions.

In addition, two new western series are being shopped around and one of them includes one of my all time favorites, Kurt Russell. He's teaming up with Mel Gibson. So it seems with the recent successes with various western genre, there may be a resurgence. Maybe the cycle is coming 'round.

I can only say when it comes to a Lancer TV pilot and series, if we are indeed lucky enough to get there, it will not be full of "F" Bombs if it's for main stream TV. If it goes the route of HBO or other such outlets there may be some expansion into that realm, although not for the man himself. This is not the way I'm writing it though.

While the cable networks (HBO, ShowTime and others) seem more open to period pieces, the mainstream networks don't seem to be. They seem more open to high tech and all that goes with it. This is a good thing. Don't worry Lancer fans, a reincarnation of "The Wild, Wild West" (the Will Smith version) is not where I'm going.

As soon as I can say more (when it's finished and registered/copyrighted) I will unveil more of the secrets of Lancer. It may be a few weeks, but more like a few months. Stay tuned and keep your thoughts and prayers with us as we move forward with this venture. Hopefully some TV executive will say "by golly, we have to do this!"

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


A good time was had by all. The best way to sum up the 2016 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.

For me it was a time to meet a bunch of folks with similar interests and goals in mind. For them it was time to hear some of my stories, and in response I got a lot of good stuff headed my way. It was also a time to take a little hit (no a pretty big hit) from good-natured friends and relatives about my head gear.

I chose to wear my new favorite hat on Saturday (commonly now being called a "pork pie" hat from my friends, especially those in Scotland who love westerns) instead of my Cowboy Hat. I'm not a cowboy and while I love the West, I write good stories about the west, I'm not a cowboy. As much as I loved the era, I'm not sure where I'd fit in in 1885.

                                                      (Eric Heisner, Al Bringas and me)
So I chose not to wear THE hat. Bad mistake. Anyone who was looking for a good book hit the first table with some great coffee table books on Western ranches which drew a lot of attention with some slick colorful pages, passed right by me and moved directly to my two new good friends Eric Heisner and Al Bringas. Now these two guys (pictured with me above) are two good looking western actors who have quite a biz going. Eric is a full-time actor with some credits who is the author of their books while Al is the illustrator.

Together they make quite a pair and dressed in their western digs, folks made a bee line past me to them (especially the ladies). Actually I greeted a few of the women with my positive charm hoping to engage them with my guy,  "Lancer; Hero of the West" and after answering the greeting they moved right on to Eric and Al. I was surprised most of the ladies passed on Lancer's favorite treat "Turkish Delight," while men usually tried it quite readily. One couple was very excited when they saw it, "we haven't seen this since our trip to Istanbul!"

Al's artwork is super by the way and the guys make and sell replica movie bandana's which are costly but absolutely a must have if you are gonna dress the part. (Next year for me).

After Eric and Al, they moved onto Dale Jackson, Jim Christina, J.R. Sanders, Gary Williams (I know I missed someone) and if they came in the other way they were posing for selfies with the well known Peter Sherayko who looked like he was right out of "Lonesome Dove." So next year, I'll break down and buy the boots, something leather, a much better hat and I'd love one of those frock coats but it might be too hot in Santa Clarita for that. At least the second day I did wear my western hat which turned the world upside down -- I wish. I am a guy who admittedly always wears a hat well - just not a cowboy hat. Although some of my Face Book Friends did change their tune Day 2.

No guns (akin to the covers of my Lancer novels with the gun-less holster covers) but you can't bring guns in anyway. And don't even think of getting me on a horse. I am a dog lover and horses and me just don't get along. Although I guess if this were 1875 or so, I'd have to break down and learn to ride one. An employer asked me once "Bob, what do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer was quickly, "The Lone Ranger." Not because of the story but because of the man and his mission as well as his code.

The really great thing about the festival and the Buckaroo Bookstore set up by Bobbi Jean Bell and husband Jim (who took care of their authors in a way it makes you want to come back) is the friendliness and camaraderie. And that was part of what the Old West was about. Sure there was a lot bad stuff mixed with the good but the fellowship and camaraderie outshone it all.

                                            (me and the always smiling Bobbi Jean Bell)

And I for one appreciated that. Sure I would like to have sold more books, everyone could have, but that is the world we're dealing in. Hopefully, we've made a dent in the next chapter in our lives and the dent is positive. And if you're looking for a younger touch, Eric and Al produced a wild west coloring book as well.

ON another note, the Peach Cobbler was great as usual, but no sign of the Native American Fry Bread this year; Bummer.

Looking forward to next year and other such events. And for all of us Keep It Going.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

COWBOY FESTIVAL This Weekend April 23-24

Be there!

The Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, an annual event, is taking place in Old Town Newhall right now between the 14 and 5 Freeways in the Santa Clarita Valley. I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 to 6pm, sooner if I can make it.

Park in one of the off site parking lots (no parking in Old Town) and take the FREE Shuttle to Hart Park. Admission varies depending on age but it's from $7 to $10 and lots of vendors, music, great food you don't normally see except here and just a great time.

Visit me and seven other Western Authors at the Buckeroo Bookstore on the walk in Hart Park. We'll be there signing and selling our books. As a Cowboy FEST Special we'll be selling soft cover copies of both Lancer; Hero of the West books for $10 each (tax included). We'll take cash and credit/debit cards for purchase.

C'mon out and have a great time. I am especially thankful to the promoters to providing us with volunteers to get food because I can't take the time away to go stand in line for the best PEACH COBBLER you'll ever taste. That and Cowboy Coffee will stand out on the day as well as the Native American Fry Bread (one of my favorites). So take it from a guy who likes to eat his way through these type of things, enjoy while the enjoying is good.

 Me at last year's Festival with a nice piece of Peach Cobbler ala mode and some down to earth and tasty gritty Cowboy Coffee. Lancer couldn't have done it any better. Which is something readers will find out in the upcoming "Lancer; Hero of the West - The Santa Fe Affair." Due out in late Fall, early Winter.

The weather is expected to be excellent and if you haven't tried it yet, check out Southern Smoke, a new eatery in Old Town. Make sure you try the fabulous Ho Cake. And the micro beer. Ask for a taste and they'll give it to you. We'll probably be there on Sunday night after the Festival closes down unless the line is long and the wait is too much. Which it might be, but then again remember most vendors want to get out and gone after a several day event so this might be the best time to try the restaurant.

See you THERE and remember, if you can't make it you can always order downloads from Amazon and paperback copies from us directly at


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cowboy Festival is nearing!!

The Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival begins this coming week and culminates on the weekend of April 23-24. I will be there signing Lancer; Hero of the West novels on both Saturday and Sunday from about 1:30 pm to 6 pm. Hope the drive from Miracle Mile where I work to Santa Clarita is a light one and the shuttle is moving quickly.

The annual cowboy festival (link below) is a really great event and aside from western authors such as myself making appearances with our books and expanding somewhat on the western experience, there are bands, displays, vendors or course and some really great food you only get once a year.

One of my fav's is the Indian Fry Bread but not to be outdone by the home made peach cobbler and authentic cowboy coffee; grinds and all. The Peach Cobbler is amazing and there is always a line. I'm glad some of my family will make the trek to the festival so they can stand in line to get some cobbler for me.

The festival is at William S. Hart Park mainly, which is in downtown Old Town Newhall. Adjacent to the festival itself are the shops of Old Town and I suggest if you get the chance (maybe not during the festival because seating will be limited and waits probably long) checking out Southern Smoke. It's a great new BBQ restaurant not to be missed. It's also a micro brewery and they will give you tiny samples of some of the many beers on tap.

Some of the authors will be at the OutWest Boutique and Cultural Center one block from the Park at 22508 6th street. Come on out to the event and buy a couple of books and get caught up on your western heritage. My second book "Lancer; Hero of the West - the Los Angeles Affair" takes place mostly in the area around San Fernando, Sylmar and Newhall as it was in the 1880's.

Check out this festival link

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